Mesa Moments Jennifer and Glen Sahagun

Jen and Glen are in their second year as co-treasurers of the Mesa Union PFO. They both stepped into this role completley blind, but willing to put in the work to learn the ins-and-outs of the system and how everything works. We often joke that after their stint as treasurers, they could run a small business!

They are amazing efficient and lightning fast when it comes to giving reimbursements. As you know, dealing with money often times is tricky business. The record-keeping alone can be a nightmare, but Jen and Glen are always on top of it. they are always organized and detailed oriented. Needless to say, they are pro-active and hard-working. But above all else, you’d be hard pressed to find friendlier or more courteous people.

They volunteer their time while also working full-time, and taking care of their 4 kids, all students here at Mesa – spanning from 6th grade to Kindergarten.

PFO could not work as well as it does without Jen and Glen. They are a vital part of running PFO and are an enormous asset to our Mesa community. We are so very lucky to have them here.