Mesa Local Plans

For the first time in a generation, California has changed the formula it uses to determine how it distributes money to schools. The Local Control Funding Formula provides all California schools a certain amount of money per student plus additional funds to support the education of low-income students, English learners and foster youth. Like all other school districts in the state, Mesa Union School District staff will create a plan that describes how this money will help all students learn.  The plan, called the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), will take into account ideas from the staff, students, parents and community. Annualy the MUSD board of trustees takes action on the LCAP at its June Board meeting. Stakeholders are invited to participate as partners in the development of the LCAP by attending the following: Parent Advisory Council, Parent English Learner Council, or by completing the annual LCAP survey.

Mesa Local Control Accountability Plan

The purpose of the LEA Plan is to develop an integrated, coordinated set of actions that LEAs will take to ensure that they meet certain programmatic requirements, including student academic services designed to increase student achievement and performance, coordination of services, needs assessments, consultations, school choice, supplemental services, services to homeless students, and others as required.

Local Education Plan

Title III Plan